About Us

Who we are. What makes our DNA.

How we started

The very beginning

In October 2015, six of us got together to start our first bridge Learning Centre at the Kodathi Higher Primary Government School, off Sarjapur Road in Bangalore.

Guided by the motto of inclusive education, of our alma mater , the Azim Premji University (APU) we hit the ground with a mix of understanding of Education, experience and a deep commitment to the cause.

We signed an MOU with the Karnataka Education Department, admitting 25 'out of school' children and their younger siblings from neighbouring construction sites. The seed funding for this was provided by members of the founding team and individual donors.

We have touched more than 100 children since inception – most from families of daily wage construction workers from districts of Gulbarga and Raichur in North Karnataka and some from Bihar and Assam. We have mainstreamed around 20 children, into the Host School,every academic year since.

And the mission continues...

We started our second centre at the Sulikunte Lower Primary Government School, a year and a half later in August 2017, after our annual survey identified 50+ ‘out of school’ children in settlements around Doddakanalli. This deprived community of migrants from Andhra Pradesh, lived here for years without accessing any school. Parents, mostly contract sweepers and garbage loaders with the city’s Municipal body BBMP were involved in gruelling low skill jobs.

Children from this location come to our centre every day now, in a bus that we provide and engage meaningfully in learning how to read, write and learning to learn.

We mainstreamed 22 children to the Host Government school in the academic year of June 2018.

What is Gubbachi?

'Gubbachi' means a sparrow in Kannada. Busy and playful like our children.

Meet our Founding Team

Josephdeyone Jacobi
Curriculum Design
Gubbachi Connect

Deyone is a Math Educator with an engineering degree to boot. An MA (Education) from the Azim Premji University brought him closer to ideas of universal quality education as a way to solve many current social issues. He believes in the simplicity of Math and that every child can abstract mathematical ideas from daily experience. Developing ideas and learning materials to make Math learning a happy learning experience is what excites Deyone.

Manimakalai Raja
Planning and Curriculum Design
Gubbachi Transform

After an MA in Women Studies, Mani was involved in the field of research and editing of documentary films. While working on films related to education and pedagogical practices, she found her calling in being with children. A Montessori Diploma in Elementary and Early Child Learning, saw her start her stint as facilitator and mentor in the Primary wing of Prakriya Green Wisdom School for five years. She enjoys working with children and likes creating interactive and hands on lesson plans to make teaching-learning an enjoyable experience.

Nomita Sikand
Planning and Curriculum Design
Gubbachi Connect and Gubbachi ProActive

Nomita Sikand, studied BSc, Microbiology, and has been a middle school teacher for seven years. The MA in Education programme at Azim Premji University, strengthened her belief that quality learning is the right of every child; and a strong literacy programme is central to the ideas of equity. She consulted with Azim Premji University to design and implement an academic support program for students in the MA program, as part of the Student Support initiatives. She enjoys teaching and is involved with developing and implementing the English foundational programme for Gubbachi Connect and Gubbachi Proactive.

Preethy Rao
Planning and Curriculum Design
Gubbachi Connect and Gubbachi ProActive

Preethy shifted from being a Market Researcher to working in a school for the underprivileged in 2008. Her interest in literacy and equity through literacy was sparked during her MA (Education) at the Azim Premji University. She enjoys working with children and feeds off the crazy energy and chatter of children at the Learning Centre everyday.

Rizwan Ahmed
Community and Stakeholder Management

A Post graduate in Business Finance, Rizwan Ahmed moved from a career in the financial service industry to the social sector. In his pursuit of engaging with quality education for the underprivileged he steered community based education program of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement after earning an MA (Development Studies) from the Azim Premji University. He understands the working of the Education ecosystem and works well with stakeholders to make the wheels of the machinery work.

Somya Suri
Strategy and Program Design

A Math major from Delhi University, Somya moved into education, after a career in consulting in Garment Manufacturing. Her desire to understand and contribute to education of the underserved led her to an MA Education at the Azim Premji University and eventually to co-found Gubbachi. Somya currently handles funding and organisational development at Gubbachi.

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