Gubbachi Connect (7-10 years old)


Started in May 2015, Gubbachi Connect is our flagship programme designed to integrate out-of-school children into mainstream Government schools. Volatile lifestyles set back learning levels of children from migrant families – eventually leading to drop outs.

The year- long bridge program provides a safe space for the child to come up to catch up on her learning and transition confidently into mainstream classrooms.

How we do it

Our bridge centres run on full day schedules, in dedicated spaces in Government schools. A dynamic and individualised curriculum in Kannada, English and Math, enables the child to learn at her own pace. Children continue learning from where they left off, when they return from their visits home.

Learning happens in small groups with an anchor teacher. Enrichment activities like Art and Sports along with field trips broaden the horizon for the child. Nutrition and safe transport supports the child’s school experience.