Gubbachi Enable


While our education interventions address the problem of education for children in migrant communities, much more needs to be done, to make these families feel safe and secure in the city.

Gubbachi Enable strengthens the identity of migrant workers through Aadhar and Labour cards, helps gain access to healthcare services and enables last mile connectivity to State welfare benefits.

How we do it

Our Field Team builds connects to communities starting from initial surveys to building trust with them. Aspects of health, identity, financial literacy and livelihoods are addressed through awareness drives and camps. Working with the larger ecosystem of stakeholders like community leaders, the local Panchayats and Public Health Centres (PHCs) this intervention ensures that the education programs run effectively.

Our community team has to be fleet footed. During the pandemic, Gubbachi’s Field Team provided food rations to families in crisis. As an active member of the Bangalore Health Response Project (BHR) the team helped marginalised communities get timely access to medical care and help deal with COVID-19. Cases were mapped and health status evaluated across 40 communities in the Bellandur Ward (#150) and the Kodathi Gram Panchayat.