Gubbachi ProActive (10 years +)


The ProActive programme focuses on the at risk adolescent who has missed out on primary school years and cannot be easily integrated into the Government school.

A teenager who drops out of school is at risk of joining the informal work force or in the case of girls getting married off. These adolescents also show the way to younger children in the community. Supporting them towards school completion hence has a ripple effect, when these teenagers become role models to other children in their communities.

How we do it

The ProActive programme is split into two fast track streams:

NIOS ProActive (English medium) for older out-of-state children, who face language challenges. These children study towards completion of NIOS Grade X certification (or Vocational Studies). The programme relies on a mix of full time teachers and dedicated volunteers to ensure small teacher – student ratios for intense learning.

SSLC ProActive (Kannada medium) for older Kannada speakers, enrolled in the Government school. These teenagers might have dropped out from a private school or have had patchy schooling histories. Our team of dedicated and qualified subject teachers guide these children and fast track the learning process to help them reach grade-appropriate learning and confidently integrate into local high schools.