Stories Of Hope

Visualizing a future of change

The two brothers Ramu and Raghu (10 and 11 years) are deeply engrossed in reading a Kannada text with their teacher in a rented shed in their community that houses the bridge programme during the pandemic.

The Road Ahead Is Bright For Raj And Veeresh

Raghu and Sita, a couple, native of Kampat, a village in Andhra Pradesh’s arid district of Kurnool. migrated to Bengaluru seven years ago in search of livelihoods. Back in their village

One Opportunity Is All That I Needed

“I was happy to be in a new school. All the teachers were teaching so well that I could understand everything in the class. I was surprised at myself and pondered over the question, “Am I the same person who was in the village?”

Medical Aid For A 1-Year-Old Child With Abnormal Heart Condition

Rajeev, the one-year-old son of a migrant couple from Maanvi Taluka in Raichur district was diagnosed with variations in heartbeat at birth. The doctor had asked them to comeback after a year for a detailed check-up.

Support For A Single Mother And Her Two Children

Roopa, a 24-year-old migrant from Odisha is a single mother taking care of her two kids aged 8 years and 6 years. She used to work as a helper at the construction sites and sometimes as a housemaid in and around the railway crossing at Kodathi Dinne behind the new Wipro facility.