The School Learning Programme (SLP) (9- 12 year olds)


The newest entrant to our education portfolio (January 2021), SLP was a response to the learning crisis that resulted from school closure during the pandemic. The prolonged disruption in schooling has already impacted the life chances of a large number of children country-wide, who have had no access to digital learning during this time.

Severe learning regressions to as much as 2 or more grades lower have been recorded. Our baseline assessments for Grades 4 to 7 in three Government schools, reflect the Azim Premji Foundation study on learning regressions.

100% of children (Grades 4 to 7) were at least 2 levels below (and 75% of the children at least 3 levels below their grade level)

SLP works towards strengthening learning outcomes in Grades 4-7 thus increase the chances of retention of the child till school completion.

How we do it

A baseline assessment indicates the child’s current learning level. We support foundational learning in literacy and numeracy where required and subject specialised hands–on methods for at-grade level students in Science, Math and Social Studies. This helps the middle schoolers move confidently towards high school and beyond.