Gubbachi Transform(6-8 year olds)


Gubbachi Transform evolved from our belief that the Public Education System is still the most accessible form of schooling for a marginalised family in India. Supporting Government schools in delivering quality education is hence integral to our larger goal of educational inclusion of underserved children.

How we do it

Gubbachi Transform supports foundational literacy and numeracy in the Government mandated Nali Kali curriculum in Grades 1-2-3, in under resourced schools.

The intervention ensures the effective implementation of the mixed grade-mixed level (MGML) curriculum, with ample teaching- learning materials and child centric processes.

An MOU is signed with the Department of Education and trained Gubbachi teachers implement the curriculum. We build collaborative relationships with the Headmaster and teachers of the Government School, co-participate in cultural events and facilitate enrichment resources for all children.