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We need to strengthen our families and children to help them recover from the aftershocks of the crisis.

Why Gubbachi Exists

42% of short term migrants work in the construction sector. (NSS 2007-08)

The construction industry is just one of the sectors that absorbs migrants. These are migrations of distress, not choice – individuals and families pushed out of their villages by drought and debts, to big cities.

The living conditions of these migrants in the city are poor. Tin sheds without water and sanitation pass off as houses.

Children from these communities have no real access to schools in the destination site due to multiple reasons from language and cultural barriers, child care responsibilities to a lack of trust in public schools. Being 'out of school' in a modern economy excludes the child from opportunities of self- development and economic mobility, in turn perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

We argue that this is as much of an urban crisis as it is a rural one.

Owning the problem at the destination site of Bangalore city is the first step for us.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to create positive meaningful learning experiences for the marginalised child, enabling her access to formal learning and help her break out of the cycle of poverty.

What Gubbachi Does

Each program in our portfolio makes access to schooling easier and more effective by addressing one systemic barrier at a time:

Provide a positive learning experience
Bridge learning gaps in drop outs
Mainstream into a Government School
Sibling care
Focus on the vulnerable teenager
Safe transport
Support the public education system
Community connect

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